Our Module 1 training program is now online, and registrations are under way for the next Curriculum!

Covid has brought changes for all of us. Our trainings and certification program were reduced to a minimum after some events had to be cancelled. The changes were not all negative, however, as they provided the time to record the theory portions and put them online. 

Through a renewed collaboration with MiMer Centre, which in past years has been repeatedly involved in the preparation of the annual symposiums, the theoretical parts/modules of our certification program are now online. Due to the content-rich recordings, the entire certification program has also been overhauled. 

pEATT consists of the following 4 modules from now on:

pEATT Module 1: The theoretical foundations of psychodynamic equine assisted trauma therapy.

Part 1: The Fundamentals of psychodynamic Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Part 2: The Fundamentals of psychodynamic Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy
Part 3: PEATT and its practical application

PEATT Module 2: Practical hands-on training

PEATT Module 3:Complex PTSD and special equine assisted confrontation techniques

PEATT Module 4: live, hands-on Certification exam

If you have previously attended any of our former trainings or you are interested in bundle options, contact me via Email to get your rebate coupon(s). 


Module 1 will be offered three times per year:

  1. Part 1: Jan. 15th through Feb. 15
  2. Part 2: Feb. 16 through March 15
  3. Part 3: March 16 through April 15


  1. Part 1: May 1 through May 30
  2. Part 2: June 1 through June 30
  3. Part 3: Julz 1 through July 30


  1. Part 1: August 15  through September 15
  2. Part 2: September 16 through October 15
  3. Part 3: October 16 through Novermber 15

Once you have bought your access to a course, you will retain this access - there is no deadline. I believe in offering resources - and just like a good book: once you bought it, it is yours. 




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