The following elements of the model were further developed and are integrated in our work:

Team approach: We always work in a team consisting of a licenced clinical psychotherapist (CPT), an equine behavioral specialist (EBS), and at least one horse.

There is no riding in PEATT. Activities take place on the ground. In Equine Assisted EMDR the client is either walking next to the horse or is place on top of the horse, but is being lead and focused on internal processes rather than riding. In PEATT neither horse related training elements nor riding skills nor knowledge about horses will be taught.

PEATT is experiential in design, solution- and client centered:: the process of finding one's own solution through hands-on experiences, taking risks, being creative and trying out various approaches is facilitated by our qualified team. 

For more information about PEATT please refer to the various publications listed on this site under "Information".